Recommendation report on how important are green spaces in TRU (Thompson Rivers University).

 CMNS 1290 Informal Report Project [Collaborative] For this assignment, your group will research and write an informal recommendation report in memo format. Scenario Debate exists over the value of green space at TRU(Thompson Rivers University). There are many needs, such as parking and more classroom space. They are also considering the need for more green space than what is currently in existence. How important are green spaces? Recommendation Report Produce a 1200-word recommendation report that synthesizes current research regarding the issue of green space on the TRU(Thompson Rivers University) campus and, based on this research, makes recommendations to TRUSU(Thompson Rivers University Student Union) as they establish policy and guidelines. Skills Research We will cover best practice skills for conducting research and introduce the use of APA documentation to ensure ethical sourcing. As you conduct your research, keep track of everything! You will be expected to have at least 4 quality sources. Structure We will review conventional structure for this type of report. You will need to ensure that information is organized effectively within this structure. Pay particular attention to the function and form of recommendations themselves. Your report will use the following organization: Introduction Background/Context Findings Conclusions Recommendations Content Remember, your proposal established a scope for your approach to this report. Stay within a clearly-defined scope and don’t try to cover too much. For example, you might select a specific type of technology or use of technology or a particular contribution technology makes and evaluate that. You may adjust your scope between the proposal and the final report. You will be expected to include at least one visual to support your report. We will cover skills in the design and application of visuals.