Religion and Sociology/ Conusmerism and Christmas

 You  will be writing an essay about this later Also, it can be any format. Just to give you background knowledge about the essay: Business industries have taken advantage of what is dear to people and had made business out of it. Christmas, what used to be a religious holiday has becoming something more of celebration that people enjoy in the cold winter. However, with time, specifically in todays age, Christmas is celebrated do to business industries. The business industries have made billions of money do to the amount of people interested in celebrating this holiday. This holiday is advertised and things have been added that were never apart of. Proof of this is that Jesus was born in spring, yet Christians celebrate it at the time of winter. Yet, people don’t look at it that way anymore. Its a market strategy to get people hyped about something dear to them. Christmas is one of those holidays they took advantage of. Business industries have included lights, elves, Santa Clause, deers, tree, and candy canes. It gets the person excited about the season and on top of that, they have added Boxing Day, which hundreds of people go crazy and wait outside of the store to spend their money on unnecessary things.