renewable energy policy and market

Suggested outline for policy memo:

10 pages single spaced

Writing to a specific decision maker that I want to influence

Head of foundation or advocacy organization

Legislator, governor, etc

Summary: 1 page 




What’s broken: why it’s important, what will happen if it isn’t fixed, etc

Be quantitative but avoid jargon

Recommendations (30% of grade)

What should they do

How should they do it

How will it be evaluated

Can give alternative solution pathways

Stakeholders (15% of grade) ­ can be integrated into problem and recommendation sections

Position on the problem

Reactions to the recommendations

Talking points/FAQ

Launching pad for final presentation: pitching the recommendations

Main points, distilled into the most critical arguments in the most accessible way


More specific is easier to address

you can choose anything related to any type of renewable energy policy.

Examples: wind energy production credits, siting wind/solar farms, community solar tax credits,

geothermal research and development, biofuel (ethanol) regulations, etc etc ­­ literally anything!


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