Services Marketing Report

Assessment Brief:

Students are to undertake a site visit to one of the following locations:

• Significant tourist attraction which charges an admission fee

• McDonald’s, KFC or Burger King Restaurant

• Local shopping centre – suburban or metropolitan

• Major metropolitan train or bus station

• Large regional motel/hotel or CBD Hotel, such as, Westin, Sheraton, Inter Continental

• Sporting arenas, convention or entertainment centres

• Student may also recommend their own case study, however, these must be emailed

to the lecturer for approval

Answer the following questions using appropriate service marketing theories to support your


1. Clearly define the service provider and its services

2. Discuss how the service provider manages customer flows including people, cars and or

other vehicle interchanges. Consider using a service blueprint

3. How effective are the service delivery and systems? Ensure you consider peak and off peak


4. Using multiple methods, Roy Morgan, VALs or geographic/demographic/psychographic

identify the primary and secondary target markets and what marketing position does the

service hold.

Content and Format Requirements:

Presentation (report format) includes an executive summary, table of contents, introduction

and a thorough analysis of the service provider, referencing (all theory and diagrams must

be referenced) and grammar – note that theory must draw on journal articles and individual

research and go beyond the textbook and study guide.

You must include an executive summary at the beginning of the report. Please note that an

executive summary does NOT list the contents and does NOT replace an introduction and it

DOES summarise the entire report including recommendations.

The report must present your case analysis in a report format with appropriate headings and

not in a question and answer format.

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