Social policy making: How change in social policy happens.

 This assignment is a 4-page biographical essay and brief class presentation. The biographical essay profiles an individual whose influence marked a significant change in social policy (e.g., Martin Luther King, Jr., Dorothea Dix, Frederick Douglass, Cesar Estrada Chavez, Jane Addams, etc.). The essay should address the following: • Justification and relevance. Why did you choose to write about this person? What is their major contribution? How did they promote social change? • Strategies for change. What strategies did they use to effect change (writing, organizing, advocating)? What new ideas did they promote? What forms of social actions were taken under his/her leadership? Which strategies were successful? What strategies did not work, and why? • Lasting impact. What is their legacy for social policy and promoting social justice? What lessons can be learned from their legacy? Each essay should be 3 – 4 pages (excluding references), typed in Times New Roman 12-point font with 1-inch margins, and provide citations in APA style. The oral class presentation will introduce the class to the person profiled in your essay. Questions that your peers should know: Why should this person matter? Why Everyone should pay attention to? A connection that they should appreciate.