Software project management, The “iron triangle”

In the context of software project management, the “iron triangle” identifies a number of inter-related concepts:
? Products (and product characteristics)
? Activities and tasks
? Time
? Cost/staffing (and other resources)
You are required to produce a 4000 word report discussing the relationship between the management and control of these concepts and the success (or failure) of software development projects1.
Your work in preparing this report will entail significant literature research on the topic which will extend well beyond standard texts on software engineering (e.g., Sommerville, Pressman, Hughes etc)2. Reference to appropriate published case studies is also welcome.
You should present your research findings in the form of a coherent and cohesive argument/discussion: your report Introduction should clearly identify the specific argument and topic of discussion to be found within your report.
Your report should include an appropriate set of conclusions; 400 words.

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