Sonosite is an entity that has existed since 1980s. The company has seen development of phenomenal ultrasound products that have been its main source of recognition. Its products have been in use and continue to serve the whole world. The company continues to enjoy exponential growth while gaining global recognition for its progressive innovations. The company has also incorporated educational modules and awareness creation for a wider understanding of the benefits of its products. The company began by undertaking projects awarded by department of defense of the United States.

The defense department wanted the company to create an ultrasonic device that would be portable. The device would weigh not more than ten pounds. The device needed durability to withstand severe and unpredictable conditions. The device would serve soldiers in the battlefield served well with development of the first ultra sound machines. The company utilized the use of the ASIC technology to meet the technological goals of the machine. The machine contributed towards a major step forward in technological advancement and for ease of portability. It has seen continuous growth since then and acquired other companies to boost its productivity (List maker’s get-healthy guide, 2011).

The company continued to create Ultra sound systems that gave it massive recognition all over the world. The company got detached from its mother company in 1998 and has continued to develop several ultra sound systems. The company installed over Seventy thousand systems worldwide and has provided the necessary training for maintenance of the systems. It has amalgamated its operations with Fuji Film and continuous to serve over twenty medical practitioners. It also provides clinicians with comprehensive solutions for patient’s safety. The company is a world leader in development of ultra sound systems used worldwide.

Clarisonic skin brush

While it is debatable if one needs anything more than a simple wash cloth for the face and a cleanser, the idea of an electronic skin brush is the other tool that people can utilize. Skin brushing is a technique meant for the body. Many like skin brushing and there is a variety of skin brushes available in the market. While getting a smooth skin on one’s face may take some effort, maintaining the rest of the skin of the body is easier especially with a tool that brushes the body. Skin brushing is a technique meant for the body. It keeps the skin youthful, clean and glowing. Clarisonic skin brush is a perfect tool used for cleaning and smoothing skin.

How it works

It gently removes dead cells while deep cleansing, making it a preferable product for women who wear makeup. The product removes six times more makeup and two times more oil and dirt than any other cleansing with one’s hands. Exfoliation is sloughing off the skin cells that are dead and encouraging the skin to create new cells. The skin is either brushed when it is wet or dry for exfoliation benefits. Some people say that skin brush during a shower is the best. The brushing of the entire body takes place with avoidance of sensitive areas and open wounds. Some people start from heels and move upwards, and others do it oppositely. The aim is to make circular motions especially in the chest, belly, buttocks, and thighs. Areas such as breasts and decollete areas, which have thinners akin, fail the test. Once the skin is uncovered, use of towel to wipe down the skin again or shower taken. Non-drying lotion accompanies skin brush. The lotion serves to lock the moisture in (Campen, 2010).

The Clarisonic skin cleansing system uses a frequency of more than 300 movements per second to soften, clean, and smooth skin. The inner oscillating brush and the Outer stationary brush work synergistically with skin to create a deep cleansing zone. The inner brush rotates back and forth at a frequency of 300Hz. The area between the inner and the outer brush gently flexes the pores to loosen oil and dirt giving one a cleansing not possible with bare hands.


Switching on Power level selection T-TIMER setting of time Exfoliation Wiping

The device gets powered on by holding down the power button for about three seconds The power level then gets selected. Three ascending audio beeps indicate normal power level while three descending beeps indicate low power level Time is set using the T-TIMER. Manufacturers recommend 20 seconds for very exposed part of the skin The device is then placed on the skin surface where the inner section of the brush oscillates working in conjunction with the outer section to smooth skin Once sloughing of the skin completes, the skin is wiped with a towel or showering done then wiped. Lotion is applied.

System features


The design of the tool makes it waterproof so that it is utilized during shower and sink cleanses.

Charger cradle

The system is in a way that when fully charged, the charge can last for more 30 uses. It offers two power levels: low and normal. The power level is visible and audio. When the Clarisonic switches on at normal power level, there are three ascending beeps and the yellow light illuminates. Low power level has three descending beeps and the yellow light switches off. The device offers options of toggling between settings. The power button is held down for three seconds progressively when turning on the Clarisonic. The change in beeps confirms power levels.

Cleansing timer

Thorough cleansing of the face is also achieved through timing. There is a one minute T-TIMER that beeps and stops momentarily to indicate that it is a time to move to another part of the body. Most users spend the first 20 seconds to brush the forehead, 20 seconds on chin region or nose, and 10 seconds on each cheek. The device has a minute duration by default. The yellow light then flashes and the Clarisonic remember the time left in the T-TIMER.

Sensitive brush head

The brush head is soft and works well with the skin. It does not introduce friction. The head is changeable any time.

Oscillating brush

The two oscillating brushes provide for maximum cleaning using skins flexibility. They offer no friction to the skin. The inner section makes oscillations that circulate back and forth at a frequency of three hundred cycles per second. Consequently, the outer section remains stationary to prevent splashing. The inner movements serve to cleanse and massage the skin to remove impurities and exfoliations on the skin.


Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, helping the body maintain its health, as well as the skin. It is also another way of removing dry patches on the skin, blemishes or dry skin. This makes the skin younger for longer. It reduces the appearance of pore size and helps skin care products such as lotions work their best. The removal of more dirt and oil by the brush also helps the skin to remain smooth and fresh. The skin care also reduces the appearance of fore lines and wrinkles. It is suitable for use with a non-abrasive cleanser and works for all skin types (Zoltners, Sinha, Lorimer, & Palgrave, 2004).

The future of Clarisonic skin brush

Any time people have acne breakouts, the main factor to carry out is preserve the skin. The skin is cleansed and oil-free. In addition to cure of acne breakouts; blemishes are also things that attract attention of people. Pimples also disturb many people making their face look grim. Clarisonic brush system minimizes pimples and oily pores on the skin. The cure of breakouts involves use of a skin brush followed by application of a lotion that will eliminate future breakouts (Sadick, Marshall, & Dinkes, 2011).

Generally speaking, most teenagers will like have a spike of breakouts due to the various physical transformations that take place at these ages. To remain beautiful and look presentable, teenagers look for ways of ensuring that their skins look smooth and clean. The run up to lotions and other form of makeup do not assure these desires. Some lotions worsen the bad conditions of skins. With the coming of the Clarisonic skin brush many skin problems got solved. This tool is inevitable and has the potential of standing the test of time.

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