SOSTAC Analysis

SOSTAC Analysis


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IntroductionWhen it comes to creating a digital marketing plan a considerable amount of time and effort is required for it to be a success. There are various techniques which can be used to achieve of the best ways to do this is by using the SOSTAC analysis. The paper will be on the analysis for the commercial opportunity presented by the website for Sheringham town. This will be done using the SOSTAC analysis. The SOSTAC analysis entails six basic elements namely; Situation analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Action and Control.

Situation analysisBefore embarking on a decision on where one wants to go they must first establish and fully understand where they are. A common barrier to success when it comes to marketing is the facts that people fail to understand where they are and who else is with them. The situation analysis aspect of SOSTAC enables business people to understand this aspect and ensure that they market it first. Internet marketing has now become the most used form of marketing. Therefore the fact that Sheringham has a website up and running is a clear indication that they are at par with their competitors who are also using the internet as a form of marketing. The internet is visited by so many people who vary in terms of age, tastes and preferences and so on. Sheringham website has tried as much as possible to embrace the large audience by ensuring that they appeal to a variety of age groups. The target market is large ranging from business, family, leisure, conferences, honeymooners and many more. A distinct competitive advantage with the website is the fact that it is properly organized with options that give details to exactly what one wants and where they will find it when they visit the town. There is also a download option where visitors to the site can download leaflets of where they can shop, stay, eat or go. These leaflets are useful when one is planning a visit to the town as they will have a guide to work on even before they reach their destination.

ObjectivesThe objective of using any marketing tool is attracting new customers so as to expand the market for the business. The marketing objective for putting up the website is developing the business through attracting new customers. The marketing communication objectives are to ensure that the information in the website a large audience. First of all the website is easily found on the internet hence a large number of people can get and view it. The website is quite presentable hence appealing for new viewers to continue reading what it entails. The website is quite interactive since there are contacts where anyone can reach them through so as to get any clarification they want. The website delivers all the appropriate information that anyone who is visiting the website for the first time needs. This is advantageous since potential clients will get all the information they require to make informed decisions.

StrategyThere is so much information that can be given through a website regarding the specific business one is marketing. On this website there is information about places to go, where one can shop, how they can get there and so on. Any commercial shop, place to visit or places to sleep strive to ensure that they get a position on such a website. This is because those who will be visiting this town will need places to sleep shop and visit. These shops would want to buy a position on the website since they know people who view the website are more likely to see their shops as opposed to if they created their own separate website. This website has information of some of the diverse shops in Sheringham. There is a link titled where to shop and if it is clicked gives details on the shops that are located in the town. There should also be some pictures or logo of the shop so that the viewers can identify with the shop once they see it. This is seen on the link on the website as there are some pictures of the shops as well as some logos.

TacticsTactics include the actual ideas being put to action. These include campaigns that will be implemented such as social media campaigns, website optimization, newsletter and so on. The website gives a free screensaver for a person’s PC. This is a good way of ensuring that the customers are going to be retained as the screensaver will be a constant remainder of the town. This is also a good way of attracting new customers who might see the screen saver on the PCs of people they know and become curious and search the website on their own. Social media is a powerful tool that many marketers are now using to generate traffic to websites. There should be an option to share the website on social media sites like Facebook so as people can be able to share the link to the website to their family and friends. There should also be a twitter template created so that people can get to share information about the website easily through their twitter handles. The newsletters that are released throughout the year for the town should ensure that they mention or talk about the website at least tow times per year. This will increase the knowledge people have on the website and hence more and more people will get to visit the website. They should also include a sign up or subscribe option. Those who sign up or subscribe should be offered some discounts whenever they visit the town so that they can be retained as constant visitors to the place. The website should include thoughtful user interface such as chat options. This will enable the clients to chat easily and directly to those involved so that they can get any clarification they want.

ActionThe action plan involves who is going to do what, when will it be done and resources allocated for the actions to be carried out. This involves ensuring that the website is well created, perfectly done and using minimal resources as also includes the most likely people who will sell on the will also ensure that as many people visit the website as possible during the first year it is created and years to come. All this can be achieved through adding social media links so as to get as many people visiting the site as possible. Including professionally done images of shops, places to visit in the town on the website so as the viewers can get a clear look at what is in store for them. Sign up icons should be made available on the website for existing customers. The text on the website should be well structured and attractive so as to make many people to want to read the contents on the website.

ControlA control is necessary so as to do an action performance measurement according to the objectives that have been set. This should include the evaluation of the number of people who visit the website whether new or existing clients. The commercial visibility of the website should also be examined. This involves looking at the amount of profit the website has brought and is continuing to bring since its is also important to ensure that people who visit the website visit it again and again. This can be monitored through the sign up option so as to establish those who visit the website on a regular should also be established how many people actually visit the town as a result of the website. This can be achieved through ensuring that those who got information of the town from the website and end up visiting are registered online.


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