Speech, First I wish to candidly thank the people of Gulf, Waite Mata and the Auckland

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“First I wish to candidly thank the people of Gulf, Waite Mata and the Auckland council for supporting me with resounding energy. My name is Ed miliband and I am vying for the seat of a city councilor and during this campaign period I have enjoyed walking along the streets of the democratic electorates and meeting with the local residents. The lovely gardens and old homes reminded me of just how unique this place the Bay, Grey Lynn and Ponsonby is. We are extremely lucky to live in this suburb. I would humbly request you to allow me to contest in the race for the seat of a councilor in this ward as I have previously worked with the council as a member of the local council (David, 2011).I have worked in the local government for over 18 years and most of the time as a member of the Auckland Local Council.

I would also like to acknowledge the Bristol northwest labor party for choosing me as their preferred candidate in order to fight for this ward in the up-coming councilor elections. I promise to work tirelessly to ensure the federal government appreciates our inimitable techniques in handling problems facing our people in the ailing economy. I will offer a vivid vision for the bright future of this ward (Stephen, 2011). All these will be achieved by creating more job opportunities to restructure the local economy and health services free to all and extra front-line police officers to ensure our neighborhood is safe.

I will definitely campaign alongside the community together with my labor party associates. As an evolution referring to the new style of political affairs I will engage with all the organizations and all people regardless of their political affiliations .In order to acquire the best deal for this ward. I will be very honored and delighted to be selected to contest in this election. I was motivated by the head of hall city council who attempted to challenge the coalition government (Cheles, 2010). The motivation has influenced me into trying to secure the rights of the labor victor.

If you allow me to work with the council I will ensure it handles the local parks network. Ensure the Auckland port is in the able hands of the public. Redevelop the Wynyard quarter into a marvelous headland park inside the Wynyard point. Opening the Queen Wharf to the members of the public, proclaiming and refurbishing it as the main cruise ship station will be my second priority (Joseph, 2013). Then concentrate on the refurbishing of Auckland rail. The project will involve setting up the groundwork for linking the city with the rail networks and electrifying the rail in Auckland. The move aims at delivering an efficient transport network system.

Then I would like to raise a question concerning the bus route which is a factor affecting access to the park. The biggest concern is about the 294 buses that transport passengers from Harold Hill to Collier Row. The 294 actually takes about an hour from Harold Hill to Collier surprisingly enough it takes just ten minutes when using a personal car. A new housing country estate has been built in the Whitworth and Broxill centers thus taking away the privilege of the people from that region the chance to shop in either HH or Collier Row. Also, the Broxhill road has no single bus route thus denying access to the park. Most people without cars have to walk for a long distance in order to reach the visitor Centre and the Park (Dundas, 2009). There is also another rumor that the Bedford’s Park at the Georgian walled kitchen garden will soon be history due to the rumored community project on food growing. I am not against any industry project but they should not interfere with the recreational facilities at all.

An environmental factor that the council should handle with a lot of seriousness is on how the north island kokako island is being endangered .Unique species of birds almost disappeared overnight due to the unsustainable decreasing population. This definitely unmasked the critical situation of the figures of breeding birds. Through a political initiative I will actively tackle the problem and protect the Kokako solemnly. As an active bird and forest member I am vividly aware of the plight facing kokako. That is why if I am allowed to contest and win the election I will definitely conserve the Hunua Ranges (Stephen, 2011). Charles Fleming once said “The skylines of the natural forest represent the adventure and mystery of the unknown to almost every youngster”.

I addition to the Hunua ranges I will welcome the new suggested ideas of introducing brown kiwis in the range if I am elected. Expanding the kokako management from the current 1050 ha or establishing more secondary zones is also an idea that could be under implementation. The reason for this type of attitude is to ensure capitalization of the investment is done in establishing pest free regions and restoring birds such as kokako (David, 2011). This will attract the public support and imagination support since conservation is supposed to be our biggest ally.

The housing system in Cranham is very impressive but recently a pungent smell has been permeating into our houses and the surrounding environment. The smell is very offensive and perhaps the most worrying issue is that no one seems to know the source of the smell. If I am given a chance I will definitely investigate the problem and report back after tackling the issue. I have been living in Cranham for the last 30 years and I am sure that is not the normal smell of the fertilizers in the fields. I think that an immediate and proper investigation should be carried out to find if toxic fumes that could be hazardous to the human health will be found. On matters of police officers dealing with serious accidents it is weird that none of them wears a head gear for the purpose of differentiating them with security guards and impose a sense of authority. I think the issue should be dealt with a lot of seriousness, the police should definitely proclaim a lot of authority in matters dealing with security and emergencies (Stephen, 2011).

I believe there is no time for kid gloves or even beating around the bush. Mealy mouthed speaking has no exception at all. I will do my duties the same way men fight in battles. If we join hands and try to do it half as well we will win one of the greatest victories ever known. I will advocate for a lasting peace and avoid premature peace (Dundas, 2009). I will stand firm to promote the development and encouragement of the awesome national resources and ensure fairness among all the people irrespective of their different social classes. Thank you for listening”


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