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Self-Introductory Speech

Hello everybody. My name is Lamin Sesay; I come from the greater capital height of the United States and studies at Strayer University. Currently I am studying Literature. My main area of interest is performing Research and working on essay questions. Before I moved here, I was working as a teacher in a secondary school. I was also performing charity work in my area as I love caring for unprivileged in the society. My hobbies include travelling, doing exercises and reading books. Currently I am reading the novel about “the lady” written by Aung San Kyi. The novel seems educative as it enlightens me with the knowledge about WW1 condition. It also reminds me that I need to take precautions as a youth when planning for my future life.

My future plans are to open a studio for recording media contents and airing out the views of all the citizens. I have decided to venture in this sector due to the issues facing the society that are not reported thus making many to suffer in silence. Before summing up myself introduction, I will speak about my personality. I am a passionate person and very friendly. I love making new adventures and assisting needy people.

I hope my choice of literature as an area of study will help me achieve my desired dreams. I am excited to share my personality. Thank you all.

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