Spiral Essay Assignment





Spiral Essay Assignment

Art uses a lot of symbols to represent different messages. The symbols are used so that the message to be conveyed is not too noticeable but requires the person looking at it to think of a deeper meaning behind it. The symbols are also quite aesthetic and capture the attention of people looking at them. Art symbols stimulate the creative senses and inspire a person to think of what the symbol or picture might represent. Art is an integral part of life that allows people to showcase their creative side and present their message in a way that is profound yet simple at the same time. For this assignment, symbol D represents the continuity and different seasons of life.

Spirals have circles that originate from a central point and flow outwards much like the ripples in a body of water. The three spirals in image D flow into each other showing that they are continuous and endless. It is challenging to start where one ends, and the other begins. The symbol is a sign of life. Human life begins at birth which is the central point in the spirals. As the spiral grows outwards, it is a sign of how a human being also grows through their various stages in life. Growth is measured by an increase in age as well as the experiences that a person undergoes in their life. A human being grows not only in the physical sense but also in the emotional and spiritual sense.

The trispiral signifies the different seasons that define human life. A person goes through many different seasons such as grief, happiness, loss, sickness, wealth, poverty and these all flow into each other without any end. The trispiral shows that all the seasons of human life are interconnected and they come together as a whole to define who the human person is. It is also a sign of immortality. The symbol has no discernible beginning or end, and it can be interpreted to represent the invincibility of the human spirit. Despite the many changes that we go through in life, the spiral indicates that we are growing to greater heights. There is no end to the resilience that a person has in the face of adversity.

The trispiral has a lot of significance to the experiences in my life as well as the lives of other people. First, the tri-spiral indicates the passage of time. Since I was born, many years have passed and the bigger the circle, the more time has passed for a person. The spiral also emphasizes the evolution and growth that I have undergone in my life. At the time of birth, I was a tiny person, but with time I grew into a toddler, a young child, a teenager and eventually a grown person. Sometimes I wonder about the future but life happens in stages, and I have accepted that I will gain more experience as each scene unfolds.

Aside from physical growth, the spirals indicate emotional and spiritual growth. In my life, I have gone through many challenges that I believe have made me more mature emotionally and spiritually. I have lost some people that were very close to me, and the process of grief was excruciating. In hindsight, I realize that the process made me stronger and I can now deal with even the most painful situations and accept that I will come out on the other side. This can encourage any other person who is going through a season of pain and suffering in their life. In the same way that the spiral gives way to a bigger one, the experiences we go through will eventually pave the way for better days. Being a spiritual person, I have faced several challenges that have made me a better and stronger person.

Human life has different seasons that flow into each other without a definite beginning or end. The trispirals are all interconnected to show that life is a set of experiences that flow into each other. This form of art symbols has helped me to reflect on my own life and interpret the things I have been through positively. I realize now that everything we go through, whether good or bad, will pass so that we can move onto other things. The spiral art has given me an interesting perspective on mundane happenings in my life. Art is a simple way to make sense of life, and this has definitely been one such exercise for me.