Reading Questions – Writing Skills Assignment There are numerous manufacturing processes not covered in this course. The purposes of this assignment are to learn about one process by independent research and develop practice at properly citing literature. Prepare a document that defines the manufacturing process assigned to you and proceeds to summarize the principal changes to 1) the state of knowledge of the process as well as 2) its application that have occurred over a span of at least the past three decades. For some processes, it may be the case that any changes have been slight or evolutionary. As you complete this assignment, it is also important to learn to review the open literature and embed your findings in an original work. In these, it is essential that the references be properly cited. Early in the semester, the document “Khan_A Concise Style Manual for Engineering Courses II.pdf” was posted on CANVAS. It is highly recommended that discussion on citation of references in this document be reviewed before completing this assignment. While citations for the text and credible web pages are acceptable, include at least five citations which are neither of these. Google Scholar and the Engineering Village are good places to look for relevant journal articles. OHIOlink is good for finding books available within Ohio as well as journals.