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Strategic Leadership and Change Management

I once worked with a fast food company that had a large number of customers. The company was big such that it was contemplating expanding and establishing another branch to a nearby town. But despite the idea of expansion, the company faced a major blow that could even saw its fall and decline in customer. The company had a higher rate of employee turnover, and this was a significant threat to its success considering the idea that was to initiate a sister business in the neighborhood. The high rate of employee turnover was a result of the poor working conditions, poor salaries considering the nature of the work, poor relations between the administration and the employees as well as discrimination at the workplace.

The management saw that the situation could escalate and this meant that they would be pocketing very little in terms of profit considering that new employees had to be trained with the relevant skills for the job and this meant more spending. Due to this, they wanted to improve the employee retention rate, and thus, they called for all employees in the firm to discuss the current issues regarding the increased employee turnover. The employees were offered an opportunity to give the reasons that they thought resulted in the situation. At this stage of unfreezing, the employees sighted the problems of poor remuneration, poor working conditions, and discrimination at the workplace.

Due to this, the management saw it possible to revert the trend as the issue was just a minor problem, they raised the salaries to meet the employee expectations, improved the working conditions by reducing the working hours and increasing the number of employees to reduce the workload, and as well reduced the coercion of employees by the management. Every employee was to be treated equally regardless of the department they were working. After the suggestions and implementation were put in place, the increment was permanent, and even the management added other benefits to the employees such as promotions and health insurance. Besides, the culture of employee center approach was maintained. After two months, they were able to open the other branch as the problem was solved. The company now has the highest retention rate for its employee, and this can be attributed to the high-profit ends. The success can be attributed to the inclusion of the employees to decision making, therefore, fostering a sense of belonging to the company.

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