Strategic Plan For Personal Developments In Leadership

Strategic Plan For Personal Developments In Leadership

Leadership approaches takes different approaches or styles; this can be based on different theories. A style in use can be on the based on the combination of what they believe in, their values and preferences as well as the culture and norms that are encouraged by the specific styles and at the same time discourage others.i would choose to use the transformational leadership style. Transformational leadership is a process where a leader takes actions so that they try to increase the awareness of things that are right and important .there are various assumptions in this kind of leadership style this include; people following a person who inspires them, people with vision and passion can be a great achiever and the way that things can be got done is through injecting enthusiasm and energy. This leadership style therefore is seen to bring positive changes in those who follow the transformational leader. As a transformational leader one is expected to be energetic, enthusiastic and passionate all at the same time. Personally I admire this leadership style due to its components.

The various components of this leadership styles are;

Intellectual stimulation, as a transformational leader I challenge the status quo and at the same time encourage creativity among those who believe in me and are my followers. Through this style I am expected to encourage followers in the exploration of other new ways of getting things done and offer new learning opportunities.i am also expected to put emphasis on problems and how they will be solved but not the part of blaming.

Individualized consideration is another component where I as a leader will be involved in the offering of support and encouragement to individual’s followers. So that I can foster supportive relationships, as a transformational leader I am expected to ensure that there is open communication so that those who follow me free when it comes to the sharing of ideas so that I can offer recognition directly to the unique contributions of the followers.i will also act as mentor to those who follow me and give tem rewards if they are creative and innovative (Cherry, 2012).

Inspirational motivation is another component where I as a transformational leader will have a vision that is clear that I will be able to articulate to those who believe in me. I am also expected and be able to help those who believe in me experience a sense of passion and motivation so that they can achieve this goals. I am also expected to promote the consistent vision, misiion and set of values to my followers.

Idealized influence is another component where as a leader I will be a role model to those who are perceived as my followers. This is the fact that this people trust and respect me as a leader and they will emulate me and internalize the ideas that I put across. As a leader I will gain trust from my followers through what is do.i will also be expected as a leader to place the needs of my followers first over my own, sacrifice any personal gains that I might have and also be very ethical in my conduct and actions.i will use power to influence the strive for common goals within those who are behind me (Cherry, K. 2012).

To be transformational leader I will require some specific strengths that have been mentioned above. Some of the strengths that are expected are the ability to encourage people to take initiatives and take risk. Another Strength is to ensure that people who have goals and know what is expected of them and also do I have the ability to challenge, develop and empower those who follow me. Finally a transformational leader should be able to value, trust and have respect for their follower’s .As a step in development of personal leadership; it is a requirement of self assessment in certain leadership strengths. First I will clearly describe the skills and character traits that represent the desired strength of me as a transformational leader. a list should be made thereafter that will be used as a reflection of the leadership behaviors that when taken together are a reflection of all the desired skills and character traits. This list of leadership strengths will be then broken down into sections for the formal assessment .the importance of each strength will be then rated so that their importance can be established clearly. This test can then be completed with the use of standardized test or even interviews. If I lack the desired strengths then I will go ahead with the development of what is required in a transformational leader.

I intend to develop this leadership style through various ways this are first developing of the vision will start by identification of what I envision as a transformational leader through the view of a future that will come as an excitement and convert potential followers. As a leader I will develop the vision. The next step is for me is to sell my vision constantly .it really requires a lot of energy and commitment by me as a leader, I will therefore take the opportunity and use anything that works so that I can be able to convince anyone to join me in working towards my vision. So that I can create followers, as a transformational leader I will be very careful in trust creation and personal integrity of the individuals since it is a very important selling point. Finding a way forward goes hand in hand with selling of the vision; this is the next step .as a transformational leader I should have the way so that I can lead my followers into that way. With clearly stated vision, though the way forward may not be obvious it will eventually fall into place. Finding a way forward can therefore be a process that goes on as time goes by and as a leader I am expected to accept any corrections or changes as well as failures along the way. The final stage is remaining up-front and central in the action of leadership.


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