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Study at Texas State University

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Study at Texas State University

Texas State University is among the top tertiary institutions well known in public research and offering various recognized courses for both undergraduates and postgraduates. It is found in a strategic position in San Marcos, United States and it was initially developed as a typical school in the Southwest Texas State in 1889. It is a place of excellence where every person would like to be regarding its excellence and the nationally acknowledged curriculums such as music, medicine, criminal justice, and geography among others. Regarding the ticket offered, Texas State University is the place I would like to go to have an experience of the sound and promising things that are heard from many people who have been there. In this essay, the place of interest to visit regarding the ticket gotten is talked about, what will be done and what will happen when one is there will be discussed to a profound extent.

As stated above, the place of interest is Texas State University which a globally known center of excellence. On joining the university, I will study animal science course and make maximum utilization of the stay there by learning the basics in carrying out research and associating with the people in the institution. It will be the best lesson as there will be a focus on knowing what the technicalities used by the institution, tutors and the students themselves to enhance excellence performance of the university are. The institution has been ranked as a national university in the United States which is also a concern about its conditions which makes it fit the ranking position (Blair & Schweit 2014).

Knowledge is power acquired through learning, and the process needs sacrifice and being amongst the skilled people to obtain it. Texas State University is a place with significant diversification both in curriculum and co-curriculum activities as both have played a significant role in establishing the universities name and ranking in the society. When in the place I will interact with other students and the university tutors to sharpen the skills in animal science field as the aim is using the knowledge gained productively in the community. That the core thing that makes one have the interest of being in the institution as it is to believe that after the experience there will be a tremendous positive change.

Socialization with friends will also impact the stay there as there is an expectation of learning new things that will add value to my experience. Young people are innovative and have many viable new ideas by which with the utilization of the available resources can be of great benefit to them and the society at large. Therefore, joining hands with colleagues will be wiser and healthier in improving knowledge and entrepreneurship skills. On the other hand, I will share my know-how with them also to impact a change in their thinking and way of doing things. Most probably helping those with depraved behaviors to change their actions and help them focus on their core objective in the university (Vega, 2015). It is a common thing that in every institution one comes across such people who tend to deviate from their studies.

As illustrated above, there will be a significant involvement while at Texas State University and will be looking forward to adding value in my life as well as positively influencing others in the institution. At the end of the course in the university, there will be an expectation to have acquired the necessary skills to be productive in society and help in building the nation’s economy. As one of the community member, the knowledge acquired will be used in coming up with solutions to problems in the area of study.


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