Study of Multicultural Books

Study of Multicultural Books





Book Title; One Crazy Summer. (8-12years)

Author; Rita Williams-Garcia.

Summary of the book.

Delphine, Vonetta and Fern are left by their mother Cecile to live with their father. This forces Delphine to look after her siblings as they look up to her for motherly care. Their father later sends them to her and there Delphine tries to block the Black Panthers from herself but finally gives in. Later she forgives her mother for leaving them without an explaination.

Quotes from the book.

“Saying “please” without saying it to someone you don’t want to say to…” CITATION Rit102 l 1033 (Williams-Garcia, Meeting mum, 2010)That was how I knew Sister Mukumbo was a real teacher…She asked a teacher’s type of question. The kind that says: Join in.” CITATION Rit101 l 1033 (Williams-Garcia, School Llife, 2010)“Your name is who you are and how you’re known even when you do something great or something dumb.” CITATION Rit10 l 1033 (Williams-Garcia, The encounter, 2010)Uses in classroom.

Teaching about the Black Panther Party.

Teaching on life and death of Huey Newton.

Teaching on civil rights movements by African Americans for equal rights in 1970‘s.


Promotes critical thinking by its use of themes, symbols and allusions.

A poetry inspiration due to inclusion of 868 poems by Mr. Langston Hughes.

Tool for teaching to enlighten children about the Black Panther Party.

Influence of multicultural writers on readers.

Multicultural writers show how individuals from different cultures interact and live. They have the power to influence a readers’ view on a certain community thus the need for them to be totally unbiased. This is because their books are used for school work and leisure study thus the need to be cautious not to pass the wrong message about a culture.

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