Substance abuse

Substance abuse

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Substance abuse is the consumption of drugs in a way that they become harmful to their health and others. When one is influenced by the drugs he may have antisocial or criminal behavior that may lead to criminal penalties as well as psychological, social and physical harm.

The role of substance abuse

Substance abuse plays a role in committing of crime of domestic violence by the abuser. Substance use causes problems everywhere, however at home it is more visible due to domestic violence which affects the partners of the abuser. Domestic violence and Substance abuse are linked inextricably. These two occur in great correlation to each other, thus alcohol as a main cause of domestic violence is a fiction. Most drug and Alcohol abusers use alcohol as an excuse to become violent. Drugs and alcohol are often used by the victims of domestic violence to dull the pain from emotional abuse and injuries, which in turn conciliates their capability to protect themselves from any further attack. This victim becomes ill from the addiction to domestic violence and his/her ability to function and make proper decisions is paralyzed (Bennett, & Lawson, 2004).

The role that Substance Abuse plays in men’s Partner Violence is much more well-known than the role it plays in women’s victimization. Substance Abuse plays a more significant role in sustaining women in Partner Violence relationships, as Substance Abuse may impair women’s ability to effectively protect them. Illegal drugs may put women more into harm.

The characteristics of abusers

The abusers tend to withdraw from other people who are not under the drugs influence. The abuser tends to crave for the drug and makes it a habit. He continues to use of the drug of his choice despite of the negative consequences such as the lacking the ability to control or monitor the drug intake and use.

Another characteristic that shows one is an abuser is when one becomes violent thus he/she picks up fights and squabbles over small issues that can normally be resolved by talking things out. The abuser may lack motivation in activities that he used to enjoy prior to addiction. He may engage in activities that are both harmful to him and others.

The role of substance abuse and the characteristics of abusers in relation to partner violence

Substance Abuse is believed to increase partner violence as well as partner violence can also increase substance abuse. The abuser believes in aggression and violence against women.

Batterers believe that drugs and alcohol can disable their partners, and they use it as a tool of power and control. The batterer can force the other partner to drink like him. In case the abuser has no money to buy the drug he may sell his importance assets then use the money on drugs. In other circumstances, they may steal and refuse to admit they stole.

Most abusers have no control of money and cannot explain how they use their money. When asked they become angry, rude and violence. In a relationship they tend to lie to their partners of their where about as well as their actions. At times the abuser is unable to control his temper and when he realizes what he has done he talks of committing suicide or isolating himself from his partner. Drug abuse inflicts confusion in the mind and body and can finally kill (Bennett, & Lawson, 2004).

Analyze the role of substance abuse and the characteristics of abusers in relation to partner violence

Substance use plays an aiding role in Partner Violence by hastily aggravatingviolence. Researchers have used three models to explain the relationship between use of alcohol and violence. These models include: indirect effect models, spurious model and the proximal effects model. Substance use in the indirect effects model is seen to be corrosive toquality relationship. Thus, use of substance for a long time can create an environment that will set a stage for partner conflicts and, eventually, partner violence. On the other hand, when marital fulfillment, relationship conflict or other related variables are restricted for when investigative the link connecting violence and substance use as well as the relationship remains strong (Bennett, & Lawson, 2004).

The spurious model shows that the relationship between substance use and Partner Violencecomes as a result of the variables being associated with other factors that controlboth drinking and violence. For instance, individuals that are young tend to become violent while they use drugs.

Those that consume psychoactive substances are more probable to engage inpartner violence since intoxication facilitates violence. In this theory substance use precedes Partner Violence and the violence incidences always occur closely in time of consuming of thedrug. The researcher suggests that male-to-female aggression and alcohol were connected only when drinking occurred before the Partner Violence episode (Fals-Stewart, 2003). However The probability of rigorous male-to-female substantial aggression were more than ten times higher on days of the abuser drinking than on days of nodrinking.


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