Summary of Arguments

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Summary of Arguments

In the case of Turkish seller or rebar, there is a clear depiction of the manner in which the claimant who is the buyer in trying to make sure that the seller offers discount. In the case the Turkish seller is the one on the right side and therefore this makes the buyer based in Delaware unable to convince the court of any kind of breaching the law as what has happened is that even if the contract was not strictly followed the seller followed all possible structures and mechanisms to make sure that the contract is upheld. Therefore the claim that the seller should not be paid by the respondent does not hold since it is the buyer who is also the respondent who has done wrong.

On the side of discount the buyer wants to get a discount so as to achieve personal interests and make more profits unlike it should be. it seems therefore that if the seller offers discount because of the acclaimed destruction of goods and lack of upholding the contract made by the buyer then the case will be done away with. However the seller does not want to do this since it is not the right thing according to justice and the contract. Therefore the seller pressing on will most definitely win the case since considering all the incidents which happened between the time of the contract and the delivery of the products it is clear that the buyer was not serious and always had a plan to trick the seller. Works Cited

Park, William, W. Laurence Craig, and Jan Paulsson. International chamber of commerce arbitration. 2000.

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