Summary of Artificial Intelligence by Meka Ezekwesili

Summary of Artificial Intelligence by Meka EzekwesiliAI has introduced new ways of how people live and interact with the possibility of reducing human capital by 30 percent come 2030 as robots take over key human roles. There are certain benefits to this such as higher productivity, improved quality of goods and services, and higher productivity.

AI is comprised of Expert Systems, Heuristic problem solving, Natural Language Processing, and Vision. This technology has brought about driverless cars, chatbots that engage people on websites, Boston Dynamics, and Asimo.

AI is used in medicine for patient diagnosis, applied in the identification of chemical compounds, and incorporated in electrochemical systems. It is also applied in the analysis of a software development process and electronic locomotion systems.

The jobs at the risk of being obsolete due to artificial intelligence include telemarketing Receptionists, Computer support specialists, Proofreading, Bookkeeping and data entry, and Market research analysts. In the next ten years, robots are projected to take approximately 20 million jobs in the manufacturing industry. Today, about 2.25 million robots are utilized across the globe. Despite AI being a threat to human capital, it is expected to boost the global GDP by 5.3 percent in 10 years. The global economy is expecting an injection of $4.9 trillion.

However, AI cannot replace certain jobs due to a number of reasons:

Some jobs require invention and creativity

Jobs that are reliant on the power of thinking

Jobs that require soul

Jobs that require a real person

These kinds of jobs include Human Resource managers, Judges and Lawyers, Writers, Event Planner, Computer System Analysts, and Teachers.

AI brings about a number of benefits including but not limited to a reduced number of errors in comparison to humans, fraud detection in card-based computer systems, working in strenuous environments, and handling backbreaking tasks. AI can also be used to entertain humans. However, there are certain dangers associated with AI such as misuse of autonomous weapons, which can result in the destruction of human life. Other risks include Job loss, Socio-economic disparities, and Algorithm bias resulting from bad data.

AI will affect the prices of Bay Area houses by providing possible economic value to the houses in this area. Assess the threat of natural disasters in the area. Assess and report on the state of the real estate market in the Bay area. It will also affect KPI and property features.

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