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Summary of College Tell Smokers article The staff and students of Kentucky University are patrolling the campus to scout out the visitors, employees or students they find with cigarettes. An organization that is known as The Tobacco Free Take Action, that is comprised of volunteers approach the smokers in a respective way and tell them to quit smoking by providing information to help them. Kentucky University has 500 colleges nationwide that has enacted tobacco free policies from July 1. The volunteer based organization prohibits smoking on the campus grounds. The American Nonsmoker’s Rights Foundation points out that, this had led to an increase in the number of colleges that have adopted the tobacco free guiding principle in the past years (Pollock 6).

The most successful were by students and employees in which students discourages its use after questioning the role in a school setting. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 46 million Americans with the age of 18 years smoke cigarettes. The 2010 American health report found out 30,093 students in 39 colleges 4.4% smoked daily in 30 days. In 2000, 100% smoke free campuses started in US. Ty Patterson says he started the campaign in 2003 when he was the Ozarks College vice president. He quit smoking two years ago and searched for a smoke free campus, which he did not get (Owing 8). He talked to various schools, but they did not know how to avoid the ideas. Patterson says the employees opposed the policy but only two students went on probation after the school enforced it.

On July 1, Michigan University of ratified the policy, and according to Dr. Winfield the school’s health officer, smokers reduced and could be found on permitted areas. According to CDC, the Kentucky State recorded the highest smoking rates at 25.6%. To enhance the tobacco free policy, UK offers all the smokers visiting the campus 5 dollars for gums to avoid feeling violated. Patterson also urged the Universities to inform the community about the negative effects of alcohol. In July 2010, the University of Florida became tobacco free, and they distributed bans to oppose smoking. Patterson predicts a tobacco free environment in all colleges in the U.S in a period of 10 years (Larson 45).


According to America’s Non- Smokers Rights Foundation, 466 campuses enacted 100% smoke free policies. Los Angeles is one of the cities that have a negative attitude towards smoking. There is the creation of awareness in public places, which has limited smoking in the city. UCLA enacts smoking ban in campuses across the nation, but this is not a solution. The ban is likely to make students smoke while hiding and would result to waste of money and resources. The promotion of smoke free community is progressive, but the ban is regressive. A better option is for the campus to increase cessation programs than to force the students to bear with the rule. This is because; the use of bans to quit smoking is difficult as it bypasses complexity of the issue (Owing 15).

UC Campus Project to Proscribe Smoking by 2014. In 2014, all Universities in California will go tobacco free according to UC president, Mark Yudof. The proscription entails trade in cigarettes within the campus. The ban will take its effect after two years to help the students to avoid smoking rather than to follow the rule immediately. According to Yudof’s memo, the University holds possession of the facilities and leases them under the policy of the proscription. In November 2011, UCLA health system outlawed smoking within its facilities (Larson 61).

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