Summer holidays were around the corner and I couldn’t hide my anticipation and excitement for it

Summer holidays were around the corner and I couldn’t hide my anticipation and excitement for it. I was frankly tired and couldn’t wait for schools to finally close and let us enjoy the holidays. The school curriculum was going very slowly, frustrating my efforts and the little enthusiasm about school left in me. My attempts to concentrate in class and grasp concepts such as Group Dynamics failed terribly. I began to question why we went in school in the first place and why it had to be boring, exhausting and time-consuming like that. My family’s influence, particularly my father’s is evident in nearly all aspect of my life. One evening I was walking home from school when I saw something strange on one of Radleys’ oak trees. I saw some tinfoil sticking out of a knothole with two gums in one of the trees. I picked and chewed the gum then proceeded to tell my brother about it. His first reaction was panic and concern for my health and well-being. Unlike me, Jem has always been cautious and prudently watchful in the face of potential danger. He exercises his forethought through the fear of danger enabling him to make more practical and effective decisions that increases positive outcome or minimize the consequences of potential danger. I realized that my brother teaches me valuable lessons necessary to coexist peacefully with other society members and live happily. He taught me to take care of myself, be confident and have an open mind and heart. On our final day at school, we were walking home from school and happen to pass by Radley’s place again. This time, they found two old “Indian-head” pennies in one of the oak trees. To my surprise, Jem agreed to keep the coins with me. From there onwards, I learned to appreciate family and their consistent love , care and support.

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