Supply cahin

A critical evaluation of the role of big data in international supply chains and its impact on supply

chain management.

Purpose of the assessment, the task/topic:

To write a research report that shows evidence of wide reading/research, relevant theories to the

concept of big data in international supply chains, with a logical and coherent discussion.

Your Specific Instructions: This business report should have four or five sections and be logical, wellresearched

using Harvard Referencing. It should be written objectively with evidence­based


Section to include:

1. Introduction

Include ‘signposting’ of the key issues which follow in the report. Briefly introduce the concept of big

data in supply chains, its significance in supply chains, and a brief history. Concentrate on how it

may affect a firm’s performance, market opportunities, business strategies, economical benefit, etc.

2. Findings and analysis

Analyse the literature of the subject, provide some statistics and figures, critically discuss on a realworld

case study.

3. Conclusions

Summarises the key points already made and link to the task set. NO new information. End of word


4. Reference list (with at least 20 academic references, from journal papers or text books)

Give full details, following CASE Harvard Referencing guidelines.

5. Appendices must be linked to the body of the work.

It is essential:

Show ability to describe theoretical concepts and then use examples as illustrations.

Do not make unsubstantiated assertions, references must back up your in­text statements

Use Harvard Referencing throughout this report, linking theory to this practical business example.


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