Sustainable Operational Perfomance

 You are a financial consultant and your company has been asked to help with the following queries from a client who is considering investing in MDM plc, a medium sized quoted company.

a) Which ratios should the client use if he wanted to assess the profitability of the company? (Guide approx. 400 words) (20%)

b) Which ratios should the client use if he wanted to assess the riskiness of the company? (Guide approx. 400 words) (20%)

c) Your client knows that MDM are considering a project which will cost €200 million. Advise the client on the different possible ways of financing this project, clearly explaining the benefits or otherwise of each method. (Guide approx. 1000 words) (40%) The balance of the grade will come from the presentation and the use of proper referencing both in the text and reference list. There are many texts which cover the theoretical aspects of this topic area. Your reference list should indicate that you have considered a number of these sources. Much of your source material may be more recent but you still must reference the newspaper, journal or website. Any material that you quote or refer to in your work must be referenced fully giving details of its source, author etc. It is not sufficient merely to include a source in your end reference list, neither is it permissible to just use the name of a website on its own. 2 It is not acceptable to include large sections from such sources: the vast majority of the essay should be in your own words and referenced appropriately. 

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