Symbolism Of the Statue of Freedom

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Symbolism Of the Statue of Freedom

A symbol being anything that is physical or not physical but having a different meaning than the one which can be seen to be literal or observable, that gives a clear indication of the statue of freedom. The statue of freedom can be seen as a symbol of freedom in that it represents a lot of things but eth majority of them the freedom at its name symbolizes with it being called the statute of freedom. The statute has a very rich history and from the history it means a lot to Americans as well as to international partners and other people who firmly believe in freedom and the ability to cooperate at the international level and come up with good solutions to problems facing international community as well as well as those who are suffering and especially migrants and slaves. This paper discusses the symbolism which is presented through the statue of freedom and how important it is to the people of America and the whole world.

The statue of freedom was constructed with the help of France government and it was intended to show off to the world how Americans welcomed anyone who came to their place. This was specifically constructed to enable the people who associated with Americanism to realize how the country was free and how the slaves had been set free and how the country had declared a fight against slavery (Berenson, 200). The statue of freedom represents also represents the welcoming of immigrants in that it is placed in the New York Island which is a place at sea and looks towards the sea as a welcoming sign to anyone who wants to come to the United States of America and tells them that it is safe and it is good that they come to America since American people are welcoming and they will make them feel at home.

The statue of freedom has a hand which is not raised up with tabula ansata which is written the date of the declaration of freedom which was July 4th 1776. This is a very significant date int eh American history as it indicates the exact date when united states which at that time was 13 states began ruling themselves and therefore it is a great symbol of freedom which the United States got from the Britons. The raised hand shows how the light of freedom is important and through the raising of the hand with a torch there is a display of how the light of freedom will be spread from the United States of America to the whole world (Berenson, 120). Not only is the torch trying to show how the light of freedom will be spread, it also shows the light of liberation, freedom, love, peace and human rights. It shows the light of the things which the Americans hold dear and why they hold them dear along the fact that they wish to be at peace and at the same time interact with other cultures, learn about them and develop a good world which is very good for everyone to have a future and a good life (Sutherland, 91).

The statue is also raised high above so that everyone can see it (Sutherland, 70). This symbolizes how freedom is important to be kept in the open and that many people should be allowed to express themselves as well as be considered instead of just being ignored or hidden which makes their abilities hidden and when their abilities are hidden, their light never gets the ability to get out clearly.

In conclusion, the statue of freedom is one of the most important artefacts in the whole of united states of history and it serves as a light to many and shows them how important it is for everyone to consider what is important for them and go along with realizing their dreams and goals because they are free and they are no longer prisoners or slaves since the date of being slaves has been surpassed.

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