T.I and Tiny family hustle

T.I and Tiny family hustle

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T.I and Tiny family hustle


Reality television series in Hollywood have become very common throughout, the years. The shows mainly depict the flashy lifestyles of celebrities (Hearn, 2017). Cars, fashions, love expensive parties are the central themes of these shows. Over the years, the primary series production was the scripted series, but throughout the year’s producers have been seen to break and expand the entertainment industry. Some of the most famous television series include keeping up with the Kardashians, amazing race, the bachelor, big brother series, and the real housewives among others. Even though producers argue that there is more than the drama, a lot of fans have their focus on the drama that comes with the shows. Therefore many reviews have poised the reality shows as blurred reality; this means that they show an extreme of life that barely exists. This study is thus based on the T.I and Tiny family hustle TV series and involves T.I‘s life and the family drama that surrounds him.



The family television series is based on the life of T.I, hip-hop artist, his wife Tameka who goes by the name Tiny and their children. The family is made up six children. However, they are not all related. The setup of the first and second episode focuses on life in T.I after he leaves prison, and we see this when he asks his wife if that is how she welcomes someone who has been in jail. T.I depicts the lifestyle of the American rappers, who get arrested more than one time due to drugs. In the year 2009, the life your life rapper had been arrested for buying a machine, and he did this against his parole

On getting back to his home after the prison time, T.I is expected to act as a husband and a father to his six spoilt kids. His kids are the modern day type of crazy, they seek too much attention from their parents, and apparently, this is given to them. They live the high life, expensive clothes, and a lot of gadgets to come with, the devices are the fancy type, the type that you cannot wish overnight for them, and have them in the morning.

Tameka, the wife, has now become a celebrity and she is seen to be in the famous platinum RnB group Xscape. She started dating T.I in 2000 and later married in 2010. She is friends with Toya Wright, the mother of Lil Wayne’s child. Their friendship is spread to their daughters because that get into a girl rap groups called the OMG galz. They kick off their music career even though later on the groups splits due to misunderstandings. The kids are introduced into showbiz, at very early ages.

Even though Tameka looks like a trophy wife, but she tries to teach the kids the fundamental life values. She is a beautiful woman and a modern-day mom. In the series, T.I tries to market his album that he releases after he comes out of prison. He works as hard to have a better relationship with is kids and compensate for the lost time that he did not get to spent with them while he was away. T.I is a good looking man, and he knows it. Throughout the series, he has seen to be dressing the part. He has the rapper vibe on him, and so is his wife. However, he does not show much of his corny character by fear of this things been caught up in the camera; we can say the show has shaped him a little bit.

Literature review

Creation of reality television series is mainly done producers who have observed and studied a particular gap in the entertainment industry. They go ahead to approach the people that they want them to get involved. In this kind of industry, a lot of showcase and publicity is required. Even though a lot of reviews from people who are obsessed say that the shows are over exaggerated and not real, many of the producers argue that a big part of the shows are actual and not scripted. Creators go for more drama, and the more dramatic the show is, the more view it gets.in the reality showbiz, creators mainly focus on the high-end life or a life that is unique and extra and is bound to get a lot of viewing.

The theory of the reality can into place in the in the 20th century in 1940, but throughout the years, the theory has been adopted. In 2000, the shows become more candid as many producers began to get involved in the business. During the early millennial period, the shows include people from different families that did not know each other, and mostly the shows involved the white Americans. However, throughout the time, producers have started to focus on family reality, whereby wealthy families show the world how they relate to each and how big they live.

The reason creators have adopted this theory is that creation of these reality shows is not expensive. The money put in is not a lot, but the returns that they gain from the shows are massive. This cannot be compared to sitcoms and production of soap operas that take a lot of time and resources to produces and later o fail to get a suitable viewing structure. The reality TV shows are promising, and that is why a lot of them are created every day in the world.

Even though these shows have a big viewing, they have different types of shortcoming. Some of these weaknesses include, the shows are not reality-based. The main aim of creators of the shows is to make profits day in day out. Therefore, they do no focus on educating and teaching the society any values at all. We see that in many of these shows, the cast’s feelings and sentiments may not be considered. For some of them, like the love and hip hop, the women who are highly rated are the dull ones. The ones that have drama and trashy gossips are highly rated. Their primary reason is to destroy other people so that they can get higher ratings. What is the point of the shows if the only thing that people in the world is hatred and loose morals?

In some recent studies, it has been seen that most of the reality shows are staged. The directors create the most of the drama that occurs in the shows, and this has a very negative impact on the viewers. Most of the viewer’s go-ahead to capture the characters of most of their favorite actors and this may lead to violence. It has been reported that most of the women who love watching reality shows have some negative attitude and snobbish behaviors.

Another disadvantage of the show is that the shows are somewhat harmful to the teenagers. Since the reality shows whereby people perform different stunts, teenagers may want to copy and emulate them. What this does to the kids is very dangerous because they go ahead to try and perform feats that are staged and real in the ordinary world. This might cause death among the teenagers because kids nowadays have access to the internet and everything that comes with it.

T.I and Tiny the family hustle country of origin is the United States of America, and it was first aired on VH1 in 2011, December. The show is created in the events of T.I left prison, in 2010. The show was produced to focus on the livelihood of him and his family. It was inspired by the celebrity life that the family has, her wife been a singer and a songwriter and him being a rapper. The family lives lavishly, and therefore the creators wanted to showcase how the rapper lives with his family and hence the show. We see that the creative manager has focused primarily on the average daily life of a rapper, who has a wife and kids. He focuses on the children and the raising of he the kids that they both have. The show has grown throughout the years, and we see them adopting any social change that comes with either technology of social life.

The shows net worth has not been well identified and the only information that is published from the show is the amount of money that T.I made from the show. Even though the publications have not been made, the show ran for one hundred episodes; viewers said that they made a considerable amount of money from the first to the third series. The show has been nominated for family awards. However, they have never won a grant for the show, instead, and they have gained a lot of awards on a personal level.

T.I and Tiny family show is a different kind of show, this is because the setup that the directors and producers are different from the regular black television reality shows that depict violence and too much drama. The creators have focused on a different perspective, whereby they have included kids in the show been among the main cast of the show. This means that the show is a family show, there is less nudity in the show, compared to many reality shows. It has put a lot of focus on good parenting and the challenges that they face as celebrities raising kids.

The main cast of the show is T.I and his wife, Tiny. T.I is an American rapper that who’s real name is Clifford Harris jnr. He started his rap career in the year in 1996 and the year 1999 he signed his first ever major label. From this time his career began to proliferate, and he later started his label, the grand hustle records, in the year 2003. He has collaborated with major artist like Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne and Iggy Azalea. He has been one of the major artists that have sub-genres the hip-hop music into trap music. The rapper has won three Grammy awards, which include, best-sung collaboration, best solo performance and best rap performance by the duo. The rapper has also served two jail terms in the federal of United States of America. He was charged with violating a probation and purchasing a weapon. The rapper met the Tameka in 2001, got into a romantic relationship since then and married in 2010; the two have had on daughter and two sons.

The other cast member of the show is Tameka, and she is the wife of T.I. She is a singer I the famous group Xscape, and she a songwriter. She contributed to the writing of the three significant songs that made the group noted. She is married to the T.I, despite having three kids with him, she has a daughter that she bore before they met. They have also adopted kids, and in total, they have six kids. The songwriter was a manager to her daughter’s girl group OMG galz. The reality TV show star has won two Grammy’s on the TLC hit, no scrubs. In December 2016 she failed a divorce saying that her husband cheated on her and they later divorced. The other cast members of the group include their children. Shekinah and Zonnique were members of the OMG girlz girl group, but the team was split.

Purpose of the study

The study on television series was done to identify what the theory of television reality shows entails. Some of the objectives of the study were; what do reality televisions entails, what are the people that are featured in the show, and is the show a sitcom or unscripted. The purpose of study on the ti and tiny family hustle is to identify how their show is set up, the issues they focus on and the cast of the show.

The characters of the television relate very well to the theory of reality television show stars. We see that in the series, the cast show us the high life (Lorenz, 2017). The kids have everything they want; they have expensive phones and clothes. The house that the show is set in is costly. This shows that they have related to the reality lifestyle, whereby only expensive lifestyle is shown. They have associated with the fact of making the unusual perspective of an ordinary life. This is seen as the family puts all the ordinary things extra, they pretend to be strict followers of healthy living, they eat organic food, but this is too far from the ordinary.

The characters have related to the theory of reality shows because they are seen to make their lives vulnerable to the society (Karsay & Schmuck 2017). The family films and documents every single thing about their experiences. They film when they are sleeping eating waking up and fighting. This makes the kids very vulnerable because they have to live up to that lifestyle with their peers. There is entirely no privacy because the kids are not prevented from anything. When the parents have scandals, they are bound to know. This proceeds to social media because they have to create more dramatic features so that they can remain relevant.

The casts have been able to make it look that they are into for the money. They act and pretend as though the random camera has been placed in their house to peep on their expensive lifestyle, well who kidding who. A lot of money is usually invested in this shows. People have put their money in the show in the expectation of making a lot of profits from the shows. Therefore characters have well related to this theory because they showcase a very expensive that does not need anyone to pay them for been in family show.

The audience of the show has also related to the theory of reality shows, and this is because they are seen to be hooked and emotionally attached to the show. From the feedback in social media, people are seen to leave empathetic comments. They also leave very emotional comments when a character is negatively depicted. A lot of heartfelt messages were also seen sent when the family announced that they were ending the show in the sixth episode. The cast has succeeded in gaining followers who believe in the show to be real.


The study was conducted to find out the theory that is involved in reality. The group that was used for the test was the television reality series T.I and Tiny the family hustle. The study focuses on the cast of the shows, the genre of show, the net worth of the show and the displays set up.

Research questions

The research was done through questioners and scheduled interviews. The respondent that were used for the test was 10. The questionnaire method involved people picking the brochures that contain the question and answered them. The interview involved a face conversation with the respondents.


From the research questions, it was found that the show is scripted, even though it was scripted not all the parts of the shows were scripted. It was also, found out that the shooting of the reality of the shows may take one day to shoot for a single episode, and in other times, they might shoot more than an episode in a day. The show is also a business entity, and they focus on making profits from the show. They are also said as though they enjoy filming and making the show they even about their privacy and living the extraordinary life. It was also found out that most of the respondent who watched the show are female.

In conclusion, reality shows are fascinating and full of drama. The offer both good and bad publicity to the audience and people should be encouraged not to be obsessed because in the most instances they are always scripted. Even though most of the reality show depicts a lifestyle that is flashy and expensive, people should not pressure themselves in copying what the flashy life. Reality television is all about making profits, and therefore most of the extraordinary things they do are to publicize the shows and get more views. Reality shows are also educative; this is because many businesses use the shows to advertise and make the products known, and this is because if people see their favorite’s casts using, they are bound to use them. People should, therefore, control what they learn and imitate from reality shows.


Cast members

T.I- Clifford Harris

Year of birth: 1980, September 25

Career: hip-hop rap artist, producer, songwriter, entrepreneur, author, and actor

Spouse(s): Tameka Harris

Children: 6

Tameka Harris- Tiny

Year of birth: 1975, July 14

Career: television personality, songwriter, RnB songstress

Spouse(s): Clifford Harris

Children: 6


Hearn, A. (2017). Witches and bitches: Reality television, housewifization and the new hidden abode of production. European Journal of Cultural Studies, 20(1), 10-24.

Karsay, K., & Schmuck, D. (2017). “Weak, Sad, and Lazy Fatties”: Adolescents’ Explicit and Implicit Weight Bias Following Exposure to Weight Loss Reality TV Shows. Media Psychology, 1-22.

Lorenz, M. (2017). A method for journal collection management and the limitations of reality. Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries, 3(1), 321-330.

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