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My class discussion group was the best team I have ever been a part of. We were a team of six individuals, all known to each other since we were in the same class. The worst team I have ever been a part of was the project team I had signed for. The leadership training attracted individuals from all corners of the world from diverse backgrounds. The trainees gave us tasks we were supposed to complete in the group selected randomly. My class work group was the best pick because we understood each other well, and everyone knew their role and was committed to the process. I liked that we did not have a team leader, but somehow everybody contributed equally to the discussions without being pushed. On the other hand, the leadership program project team was the worst because coordinating tasks had proved to be an uphill task. I was the team leader, and I disliked having to call and text people reminding them to join a Skype call or to research something specific. It felt like the team members were not committed to the process, making it difficult to finish the assigned tasks. When I am meant to complete assignments as part of a team, I tend to struggle with deciding if I should handle things on my own without coming off as a micromanager. In most scenarios, I feel the team members are not committed to the process, so I take matters into my hands. I do not trust team embers to do an excellent job like I would, so I tend to take over the team and impose my ideas on them.