Prior to contacting your instructor regarding any testing issues, you must have followed the below 3 steps and capture the requested information!

Seek assistance from ProctorU first, in the event you encounter an issue with your testing session.

Exit Exam testers: Should you have issues or questions please vocalize your need for assistance to your proctor. With access to your microphone, they will be able to hear and assist you!

If you have been disconnected from your proctor, please exit the HESI browser window and initiate LiveChat for support via the Chat Now button on the lower right corner on the ProctorU website.

All other exam testers: During testing, the first (and quickest) step to resolving any testing-related issues is the initiate LiveChat with ProctorU support.

This is done by clicking the Chat Now button in the lower right corner of the screen on the ProctorU website. Complete the form and you will be connected with a chat support specialist.

Please note that wait times may be extensive during peak hours as ProctorU is supporting uncharacteristically high number of testers amid the current crisis.


If mid-exam you find, after several attempts, you are unable to progress in your exam you may unknowingly have connection issues; please exit the browser so you can access the LiveChat feature on the ProctorU webpage for support.

If you experience any other issue or have questions and need to speak with ProctorU support during your exam, you will need to exit your HESI browser window to access the ProctorU LiveChat feature on the ProctorU webpage.

All Testers: If after 1 hour you have been unable to resolve your testing issue, please complete the following steps:

Capture your interaction with ProctorU support chat, via a screenshot or export of your chat.

Reschedule your exam on ProctorU’s schedule session page.

Please do not reschedule for less than 12 hours out from time of the encountered issue. Your exam will be available the following day(s).

Once rescheduled, take a screen shot of your new registration and send to your faculty.

All Testers: If unable to resume testing or reschedule your exam:

Check registration page often as time slots often appear due to no-shows and opened bandwidth

Please do not reschedule for less than 12 hours out from time of the encountered issue. Your exam will be available the following day(s).

Send an email to your faculty indicating you are attempting to reschedule and provide the following: Your ProctorU chat screenshot or export, details of the issue encountered, your name, name of exam, time and date of exam attempt, and institution.

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