The Atomic Café

The Atomic Café

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The Atomic Café

The atomic café is a 1982 American movie and it covers the issues to do with the cold war and the issue of the atomic bomb. It is a very well thought out movie and acts to bring out the truth about the American government about how it maintained the peace of the country and made sure that no one was that much concerned even when things seemed different and difficult in terms of the country’s relation with other countries and war. The movie uses real videos like military training videos, newsreels and other footage. The most surprising thing in the movie is how it uses dark humor to present issues (Rizvi, 2014).

Through dark humor, the issues being resented as not entirely seen as difficult or so scary as most people would expect. The fear of atomic bombs affected the lives of Americans in a greatly negative manner. For instance, the Americans lived in fear about atomic bombs around the time when they were being produced and because of this, the people were somehow blaming the government for the events that were taking place at that time. I think the film is one of the greatest films produced since with original material it becomes very easy to make people believe or even understand what was happening (Rizvi, 2014). The original material used in making the films makes the film so relatable as some of the things presented and places remain the same even up to today and this makes the film closer to the audience than the others.


Rizvi, W. R. (2014). The Atomic Café (1982): Nuclear Paranoia in a Cold War Classic.

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