The Charlie Brown Christmas Movie

The Charlie Brown Christmas Movie

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The Charlie Brown Christmas Movie

Christmas time is a unique and memorable festive period for every person and celebrations happen all over. “A Charlie Brown Christmas” film is a story by Charles M. Schulz which is exciting and touching showing the happiness and eagerness people have prepared for the Christmas season especially the children. The movie is aspiring to have a religious background that is significantly educative not only to the children but also the viewers. Up to date, the film is viable, and the fans cannot stop watching it again and again especially during the Christmas festival. The film is marvelously directed creating an appropriate plot which makes it useful in bringing out the producers information to the viewers and the urge of celebrating during this festive. The characters of the Charlie Brown Christmas movie are perfect and plays a most crucial role in enhancing its efficacy. In this essay, the characters of the film are looked into a more profound extent, and the movie, in general, is also reviewed.

The main characters of the story include Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Sally Brown, Lucy van Pelt, Linus van Pelt, Schroeder, Shermy, Violet Gray, Frieda, Patty, Pig-Pen and Peppermint Patty. The story is about Charlie Brown and his friends acting on how they would want to spend their Christmas festive. In the movie, Charlie Brown is unhappy of the Christmas because he does not have the financial capabilities of enjoying to his satisfaction (Belk, 2000). However, he cheers up after Lucy’s request to him to lead the holiday procession. Even though Charlie Brown was given the preference to be the leader, Lucy sends him to purchase an aluminum Christmas tree. Charlie is attracted to a dark little fir tree which everyone is not pleased with and makes fun of. Linus illustrates the true meaning of Christmas to Charlie Brown with a biblical reference. Charlie is impressed with the fade tree which has shed its leaves and abandoned to decorate it. His colleagues are touched by Linus’s words and decorates the little tree beautifully, and it finally pleases Charlie Brown who celebrates a joyous Christmas.

Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Sally Brown, Lucy van Pelt and Linus van Pelt are the major characters in the movie. Their character traits have been efficiently brought out in the story, and they tend to differ as some are impressing while others are disgusting. To start with is Charlie whom the viewer will like his positive traits, but will dislike his cynical nature, lack of self-confidence and nervousness. In some days he tries all the best to accomplish his things while in others he is reluctant as he lacks hopes and see things spoiled. Snoopy, on the other hand, is good-natured, acquitted and devoted, but at times he is selfish and lazy. His negative traits are seen when he is mocking the owner Charlie Brown. Lucy is portrayed as an antagonistic, nasty, loud-mouthed and ignorant character that no one would like. Furthermore, Linus is has a wise and intelligent personality that everyone likes after watching the movie. Linus acts as a theologian who at some instances quotes the gospel hence encouraging his friends (Schulz, 2010).

As illustrated above, A Charlie Brown Christmas movie is exciting and has many positives reviews not only in consideration of the entertainment bit in it but also the educative and ethical information that Schulz passes to the society. The fact that the movie is heartwarming and mainly focuses religiously and ethically on spending Christmas approves it as the best for the community. However, there are some dislikes regarding the use of an abusive language by some characters mainly Lucy which is a threat to the society especially the children who can adopt the impressive behavior.


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