The Feasibility Study

You are to assume the role of chief executive of a Destination Management Company of your choice. You are to produce a pre-feasibility study of a new build convention centre for your chosen destination. Your pre-feasibility study would form part of a bid to potential funding partners, in which you are to make appropriate recommendations around the existing events environment, economic situation, funding and operational issues for your proposal.

In addition, students will be awarded additional credit where:

– Students consider the macro environment in which Convention Centres operate.
– Students consider the key stakeholders for the proposal with strategic partners where appropriate
– The overall rationale for the project with specific aims and objectives for the Convention Centre are given
– An appreciation of the economic, political and social implications on the host region is evident
– Consideration is given to the financial viability of the project
– Operational decision making is considered to include project management approaches, and human resources implications
– An appreciation of underpinning research is made evident

1.Critically assess the dynamic nature of the Global Meetings and Events Environment.

3. Critically analyse the economic considerations and funding for large scale events projects.
4. Critically assess the operational management requirements for large scale event projects.