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VIC3400—Visual Design for Globalized Media

Assignment 5—Infographics Analysis Essay

Module 9, Assigned Week of _______ (starting date for Module 9)

In this article, I choose an infographic about the benefits of cycling. I plan to discuss about the benefits of cycling to the society. I am also going to compare cycling with driving a car in terms of environmental impact. Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise one can do, and can even offer some health benefits not found in other exercises. It reduces the risk for heart disease, improves cardiovascular function, increases muscle strength and enhances balance and coordination. Cycling also offers environmental benefits that are not available to a person who drives a car to their destination. The cycle uses zero fossil fuels and produces no emissions while reducing the air pollution by 10–20% when compared to cars.

The symbols that appear on the infographic chosen, clearly illustrates the benefits of cycling to the society. The symbols are relevant, appropriate and meaningful. A bicycle is an image of cycling, walking instead of driving and a car. These symbols clearly illustrate the main benefits of cycling to the society in terms of money savings, health benefits, environmental benefits and safety. The infographic uses color in a creative way with all of the benefits related to cycling being green and money saving using blue color. However, I have noticed that there is not any negative side or risks associated with cycling that are also colored red.

Therefore, with the use of an infographic it is easy to pass information about a particular aspect. An infographic is one of the easiest and efficient ways to spread information. It can be used both in print medium as well as on television. If you have an infographic that has been used or inspired by another person, I would like to see that too. I would also like to know how you think an infographic can be used effectively in a particular situation or context.

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