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Video Camera Technology for Security Purposes

The use of video recording technology in the police department of late as well as in the security industries has had a positive impact on the maintenance of security in most places. The major or commonly used way of achieving this is through the use of CCTV cameras which can record whatever is happening within the environs of companies and firms which the police or the security companies are given the responsibility to guard. Apart from these cameras can also be attached to cars used for patrol, Tasers, uniform lapels and so many other security devices (Erfani & Tavakkoli, 2018).

Even though this is seen as a very effective manner of recording evidence and making sure that no one escapes with any criminal activity there are many debates around this. One of the major issues raised is that most people feel that the security cameras record even those things which are not harmful and therefore it is an invasion of the privacy of individuals and ceases to be security concerns. Other debates around this are the effectiveness of using video coverage to identify crimes and if these technological tools used in the current age can be problematic keeping in mind their susceptibility to hacking and so on. These discussions make most individuals fail to trust this type of technology when it comes to peace, order, and law enforcement which is the major duty of police officers (Rogers & Scally, 2018).

Therefore technology is a very important aspect of our everyday life and for this type of technology to gain trust from most people, there is a need to look into how it is used as well as make it inaccessible at all by those who may wish to access this technology for malicious use. These include criminal groups which should not be allowed to meddle with the security forces.


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