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Visual Art Experiences

Art has always been part and parcel of our daily lives. We experience art in every aspect of our lives, which makes it possible for us to learn and share. When I was a child, I used different kinds of items that I never considered art, and therefore this had a lot of impact on my life not only then but also now since it is when I realize that it was art in those times. In my home and especially at my grandmother’s place, I always used a ceramic bowl as a tin for my food. Therefore, even though being a little kid, I never realized that was a form of art. I later learned that it was one of the most beautiful types of arts I had ever experienced at any point in my life. This has transferred to my life right now, realizing that art can be represented through different ways and forms. I have visited museums and other galleries, and this is a display of some of the best types of art experienced lately and in every person’s life. These talk a lot about history and how our ancestors viewed life to be like.

Therefore from the above experiences, I learn that life is full of art. Apart from the contemporary society whereby art is viewed as a concrete discipline, life in ancient times was full of art and never came out as separate as art in our time. This is because art was always interwoven in people’s lives and their genuine sense of belonging and living. Art keeps on being an essential aspect and factor of our lives, and therefore it is my joy and desire to continue viewing more forms and types of art. These kinds of experiences form our thinking and mentality when viewing other people and how they see life to be like. Therefore I desire to travel and see different art sites like the British galleries, Dutch masterpieces at the met, among other ongoing and always open places to make sure I get to know life in a more detailed and better manner.

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