VOSS Artesian Water

  • No more than 2000 words (+/- 10%)
  • 5-10 academic journals referenced chicago style. (Author date), no foot reference
  • Take data as at the dates the company was discussed in the case.
  • Your new strategies can consider the strategies of the business-to-date, but you must take a critical view of these and consider all the latest possible marketing mix strategies (i.e. think creatively).

VOSS – Questions

  • Voss has achieved great initial success, but like many organisations faces a real challenge as to how best to grow the business from this point on.
  • Taking a core competency perspective and assuming brand asset strength (and potential), develop or reinforce generic (market) and marketing mix strategies that best take advantage of the brand equity (as grounded in consumer behaviour!)  Your paper should clearly address the following:

Situation analysis including detailed discussion on consumer behaviour          in premium, super-premium and/or luxury categories as well as a        SWOT that considers all market opportunities (Ansoff grid).

Brand audit (applying Brand Positioning from text or other Brand          models such as Aakers Brand Equity model)


What new generic (or reinforcing of existing), as well as interesting new     promotional, distribution or product strategies and actions would you     recommend?

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