Why the “Where” Matters: Interrogating Space and Place through Art .

You will compose a literature review (due November 19, 2018) and related research essay (due December 2, 2018). These two assignments are connected: the resources you address in your Literature Review will likely become the sources you engage for the Research Essay. Several guides and examples for Literature Reviews will be available on Quercus, a Library Research Session will be held in class (November 8, 2018) to help you find suitable sources for both of these assignments, and an in-class Writing Centre workshop (November 22, 2018) will act as an additional resource for helping students move from one assignment to the next. Like an argument essay, a research essay provides a thesis and supports that thesis through research, observation, and analysis. A research essay will bring together multiple sources that address a common theme (or set of themes) relevant to the thesis you want to defend. Your research essay must incorporate at least one and no more than three works from the exhibit, It Can Only Be This Place. A research essay based on an art exhibit will often raise an issue or theme for investigation and address this through the exhibit itself, through particular examples within the exhibit, and through the research done on the issue(s) or theme(s) you’ve chosen. Note that the exhibit and specific works must be referred to and properly cited in your essay.