Written Assessment

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Task Description

For this assessment you are to choose an argument and then present facts to back up your chosen position.

  1. Marketing of new products by global companies is beneficial to the culture of the individuals in the host country.

In order to complete this assessment:

  1. Choose a global brand, introduce the brand, define what is a global brand, and then justify why the brand you have chosen is a global brand.

Below are just some of the many global companies you might consider investigation for this assessment.

Fast foods: KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks

Motor Vehicles: Toyota, Mercedes Benz, BMW

Women’s cosmetics: Lancome, Shishedo, L’Oreal

Men’s grooming: Gillette, Colgate, Polo by Ralph Lauren

Men’s clothing: Hugo Boss, Armani, Calvin Klein

Women’s clothing: Versace, Coco Chanel, Stella McCartney

Laundry Products: Proctor & Gamble, Lever & Kitchen, Unilever

Technology: Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Google

Soft Drinks: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Red Bull

Fashion accessories: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier

For more ideas: Global Brands and Top 100 brands

  1. Choose a host country, preferably one with which you are very familiar. Describe in detail the host country culture prior to the introduction of the product.
  1. Critically examine the changes that the introduction of the global product has had on the host culture and the individuals within the host country.
  1. Provide 4 specific examples of how the product has been marketed in the host country using examples from the internet and explain how this meets the needs of the target market.
  1. To show that you have conducted sound research, you need to back up your arguments using 8 quality journals and reference them correctly both in-text and in the Reference List.

Reference: APA format

Word count: 1600

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