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What’s Your Idea and What’s Your Plan?

This week, you will define your campaign and create a social media plan to execute your plan.

After doing your research from last week, what sort of campaign do you want to create to help your organization?

I want to carry out a public awareness drive in the form of a road show to help the Coca Cola company increase its visibility and popularity particularly in regions that are disproportionately marginalized.


What are you trying to accomplish? Is there a product you would like to sell? A political candidate you want to promote? A program that needs promoting? Why? Feel free to use verbiage from last week’s assignment/your goal.


The campaign aims at pushing sales of coca cola products particularly among the young population who lives in rural areas and primarily in high schools, colleges and universities. It campaign hopes to empower young people through the avenue of supporting education

Details:Here you will describe how you are going to execute this endeavor. Be very specific and descriptive.

During the campaign residents will be allowed to sample a variety of coca cola drinks including fanta, sprite, and coke, among others. Branded merchandise such as t-shirts, caps, hoodies, umbrellas, and water bottles, and will be given to the audience who will take part in the road show by answering trivial questions. The campaign shall employ the use of local artistes and other popular public figures that will attract the masses to the event. Notably, since the campaign is a road show, the event will take place in various stations. The team executing the plan will be a team of 20 individuals. The driver will make stops as directed by the coordinator and the emcee that will be making announcements as the bus makes it rounds. Additionally, there will be loud music played at interludes to create attention. Volunteers will assist in distribution of merchandise

Who is your target audience? Age? Race? Education level? Occupation?

The target audience for the road show is the young population aged sixteen to twenty four years. These are the young population that is likely enrolled for high school, college and university education. The campaign is meant for people of all races. The target population is not necessarily people with careers as they are still in their prime years of their life where they are still studying. However, some of them may be having part-time jobs that are informal to help them get by.

What social media platforms does your target audience use?

The target audience use social media platforms ranging from Twitter, Facebook. TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, We Chat, Google Hangouts among others

Describe your campaign.

What is the name of the social media handle(s) you will use?

I will use the handles #ShareACoke, #CokeColaTheGreat , #ThirstQuenchWhy this name? Did you create it or was it already created?

The handle #ShareACoke was already created. I choose it because I like the idea of having people’s name on the drinks. The idea is viable means that can be used to push sales because it has a personal touch to it and it brings a community feel of oneness. Notably, I created the other handles (#CokeColaTheGreat and #ThirstQuench) because I feel they add oomph to the entire strategy.

What will you promote?

I will promote an assortment of coca cola drinks branded with various names. We will also issue stationery to students who will be part of the event and who will prove that they are students by showing their student identification cards.

Why will you promote it?

I will promote sale of personalized drinks because the aim is to create visibility for the drinks and push their sale. We will also support youth education by giving away free stationery because the campaign aims at empowering the youth through the avenue of education.

How will you promote it?

We will promote sale of drinks by providing free samples to the mass and giving discounts and offers for goods purchased. Education will be promoted by providing free stationery and following up with mentorship programmes

Where will you promote it?

The strategy will be promoted in public spaces such as parks, colleges and universities.

What is your intended outcome?

The intended outcome in better performance for all students who will be reached during the road show, increased confidence through mentorship, increased sales for assorted products and economic empowerment in the long term.

Budget- You have a budget of $15,000 to run a social media campaign. Think about the things you would like to implement and research how much they cost. Create your budget. Things to consider:

Staff (models, photographers, engineers, etc.)

Technology (will you use certain software, cameras, etc.)

Will you pay for other social media pages to help your promote ideas?

Any additional costs?


Item Estimated Cost ($) Total Cost ($)

Road Show Track Hire 1,000 x 5 days 5,000

Branded Merchandise

T-shirts @20$ x 100pieces

Caps @ 10$ x 100 pieces

Hoodies @15$ x 100 pieces

Umbrellas @10$ x 100 pieces

Water bottles @15$ x 100 pieces 7,000

Emcee 100

Volunteer Per Diem 30$ x 20 600

Artistes 200

P.A. System 100

Photography/Videography 400

Stationery 500

Media Visibility 100

Road Show Permits 300

Security 300

Miscellaneous 400