Competition Analysis when running a new business


– Main idea: DEVELOP or create an app to be used within the department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (therefore referred as NAOME), mainly undergraduate students of a university in UK (educational business) About the company : Name: SummerNAOME What are you going to sell?

-a platform specializing specifically in internships (service-agency advertisement via app, product-internship or jobs relating specifically to subject of study)

• Platrom: app o Service: finding and supplying jobs to the platform

 Product: Jobs /internship / work experience

-Profiles (sell yourself) like “likendin website” does

-App combined NAOME students and all companies in the same field Businesses provide jobs (for no graduated students yet maybe in 3rd or 4th so they know where to work after graduate or at least have good chances to get a job)

-Opportunities for summer interships for students in all years (not only 3rd and 4th as others apps seems to offer)

-Provide experience to students studying NAOME in jobs relating to their course of study (less time searching in vast apps and websites as this will be specific to the course) -Volunteering and Paid qualifications (during summer times) Hope to get funding from department and student union