English 102

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Write an essay of between 600-800 words (about 2-3 pages) on your experiences in this course. You should write in normal essay form, with an introduction, body and conclusion. You may bring brief notes with you, but not on your telephone; they must be on paper.

Do not attempt to write a draft and then a final copy as there will not be time; instead, write a brief outline first so that you know what you plan to include and in what order. Any corrections can be made by neatly crossing out errors and writing the amended version above.

The introduction should describe briefly your expectations at the start of the course and whether these were fulfilled by your experiences in general during the semester.

The body should contain paragraphs referring to specific aspects of the course. You may comment on whatever you wish; the following ideas may help you, but you may have others too.

  • What did you find easiest and/or most difficult about the research process and the assignments set? How did you attempt to overcome any problems?
  • On reflection, what were the strengths and weaknesses of your research topic? How did you attempt to make it original and relevant to your audience?
  • What did you learn about searching for, evaluating and incorporating sources in your paper, and how well do you think you succeeded?
  • What do you think were the most important writing skills and research strategies that you learned, and why?
  • If you carried out any interviews or field work, assess their value to your research. What did they provide that your written sources could not?

The conclusion should summarize your experience and understanding of the research process and your assessment of your achievements by the end of the semester. Say whether or not the experience of writing a research paper was a satisfying one, and why.

You should not use sub-headings or just respond to the above questions with a list of answers. Instead, you should use them as prompts to help you in constructing a comprehensive and interesting essay. The focus should be on your personal development as a researcher and writer. You may find it useful to re-read the instructions for each assignment and the papers you have submitted in response.

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