Business letter

As with all written assignments in this class, ask yourself these questions first while constructing this letter:– What is the purpose?– How do you get a response and what response do I want?– State reasons for writing that person or company/organization– Get quickly to the point and clearly state your reasons– Remember to give contact information, phone number, etc.– Do you have the correct format? Remember this is business letter format not a memo.SCENARIO FOR BUSINESS LETTER #2 – Requesting Information Letter:You are (as an FIU student) researching a company for your business class presentation. Write to Margaret Sims, the public relations director, of XYZ corporation you are researching and ask for information about her company.You can create an imaginary mailing address for Margaret Sims or use FIU’s address. You can design the request around your major and area of study. Remember, this is a professional contact and request that could potentially lead to a job so, make it count!