Major Changes in United States Military 1840-1898





Major Changes in United States Military: 1840-1898

Pivoting To the PacificDuring the Indian-American War of 1898, the United States changed to a Critical Generator of Asia Pacific region. The United States military changed from a federal military to an international military. It was during this time that the US army noted the importance of having its troops around the world for easy coordination of wars and other logistical supports (Musicant 12). The United States Department of Defense started recruiting more individuals to the military so that they could have a number to send all over the world. At a glance, the United States played a pivotal role in the pacific maintaining its superpower dominance. With soldiers all over the world, United States military changes and separation of arms of the Military was undertaken. The Navy divided into The Marines and the Navy while the Infantry Unit divided into two, the Artillery and Tank battalions.A Broader Mission SetIn the late 1890s, the United States military; (The Navy) made a major transition that focused on counterinsurgency and assisting and advising so that it could be able to undertake fuller range of potential missions. The country has already started fighting the issue of terrorism but during this moment its level of limited as compared to today’s terrorism levels. The Navy made territorial ties and treaties to other states or countries Navy to offer them insurgency and terrorism information available. The evolution of the partnership that United States made with other countries was a step towards defending its territory as well as conquer other states. The Navy at this time also come up with a unique idea of preserving and recruiting skillful and knowledgeable individuals in the military (Weigley 27).The military developed strategies in order to build a stronger relationship with third world countries so that they could get reliable and skillful manpower to enlist into their military. The United States military composed a military equipped with knowledgeable and skillful personnel. It from these changes that the country has the most innovative and professional military to date. Shaping the skill and knowledge base among the personnel have United States a chance to win wars and battles as it composed of all types of professionals on board. From doctors to Weapon Specialties.Preventing, Shaping, and WinningThe period 1846-1848, was a time when the United States and Mexico’s war the army designed its better future given the constraints that United States was facing during that time. The United States during that time increasingly focused on shaping its security environment with Mexico. This meant maintaining a force of sufficient capacity and size to compel capitalization when necessary. In addition, the military maintained vigorous presence internationally reassuring the political body that it had the will and power of fighting against Mexico’s drug and border issue (Weigley 23).The United States military shifted from active involvement in key combat areas or operations with an emphasis addressed at depending their relationship with other nations and states as well as showing commitment to international security. Ideally, the military focused in shaping and prevention in a conflict situation rather than undertaking attacks to gain fame and to conquer colonies. From attrition military, the United States military changed its war tactics to diplomatic tactics and later to maneuver warfare. The war against Mexico is attributed to significant victor of the changes in the military.

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