MSc Human Resource Management and Development

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Project Management, Leadership and Skills: Planning and Control  Implementation & Execution or Do it stage OVERVIEW Project Management, Leadership and Skills

Project Management

1. Introduction to Project Management

2. Project Initiation

3. Project Planning

4. Implementation and Execution

5. Project Closedown and Review

6. Managing Multiple Projects and Summary Ch 3 AIMS FOR THIS UNIT o Teams and Roles o SystemRequirements and Control o APM Control Terminology o Supply Chain Management o Problem Solving and Decision Making o Models for Decision Making o

Choice of Techniques


Collection/entrenchment/resolution/synergy/decline/breakup o 1980s quality circles

Tuckman & Jensen,1977 o Business as usual reorientation Effectiveness o Clarity of goal o Results driven structure o Competencies in team o Shared commitment o Standards of excellence o External support/recognition o Institute principled leadership IMPORTANCE OF TEAM STRUCTURE o Creative, tactical, problem solving o Group think (Janis,1982) o Pure project organisation o Matrix management o Problems arising o Personality o Motives and conflict o Roles (Belbin,1996) and awareness exercise: Write a brief paper on which roles your prefer and why? How can you expand your future exposure?

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