National Cultures on Organisational Culture

­How aquisitions affect organisations ­

How the findings are useful for general academia

how the future audience can benefit from the research.

What use does it have ­relating to Lenovo and IBM, comparing the different cultures each country has and how that affects their business ­academic research and what they say on the topic ­power distance­ less powerful members of society accept and expect that power should be equal ­culture dimensions between each country. Both in private and in public. The hierarchy structure in both countries and companies ­iceberg theory by Ernest hemmingway ­trompenaar theory power distance ­hofstede’s dimensions in culture and compare them to Lenovo and ibm and then china and the usa ­clash of national cultures with china and ibm. How one is flexible and the other is more formal ­structural organisation. Organic vs mechanistic. The restructuring in the organisation that is required ­functional matrix model ­the performance in both companies before and after the aquisition ­organisational structures