should drugs be banned?

Write a good and clear thesis and a hook at beginning of the introduction
Exploratory research
1. First, discuss about drugs and their different types in detail.
2. Then Explain both of the opposing arguments regarding drugs prohibition. assess the pros and cons of each of the sides and determine which is more beneficial.
3. Discuss what steps must be taken both by individuals and the government for favorable and positive results.
Desired Outcomes
Identify the problem, the possible causes of the problem,
provide some potential solutions to the problem and reach the conclusion.
Necessary Resources
The necessary resources for this exploratory research are:
Books, journals or articles that explain about drugs and about the different debates of drug legalization,
Others such as computer, paper and time
There are different contradicting ideas about the legalization of drugs, that is whether drugs should be banned or not
Come up with the solution it should be banned