Sports Marketing

 You must provide a reference list using the Harvard system at the end of the assignment.

 A written report word count of 2000 words + or – 10% (200 words)

LO 1 Critically evaluate the elements and purpose of brand and integrated marcoms plans

TASK: Individual Report (2000 words)

Write a report evaluating the key attributes of branding per se and critique how football clubs are successfully/unsuccessfully ‘branding’ themselves as considered in the Chanavat paper, using examples to support your views. For example, How might such moves into a foreign market increase brand equity?

Assessment Criteria

Relevance: The correct following of instructions (assignment brief clearly addressed through a focus on the central themes of the task).


Knowledge: an evaluation of models of branding, and attributes such as brand equity. Eg Keller. Critique of Chanavat paper on football clubs and branding.


Analysis: Balanced discussion/argument focused on the impact of branding in football and its success or failure using appropriate examples to support your point.


Independent Research: Evidence of research from a breadth of sources, evidence of core textbook research. Evidence of academic articles and industry reports, evidence of industry relevant online research.


Presentation: Presented with the use of relevant resources, which demonstrate structure, and a clear & concise explanation of the topic. Along with an appropriate application of grammar and spelling, correct in-text citation and final reference list applying the Harvard system.

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