Standard Operating Procedure

Policy Document: Standard Operating Procedure

Policy Document: SOP for a New Building, Department of Defence

Building Location

Issue Date: 25th March 2014 Revision Date:

Prepared by: (Name) Approval

Introduction and purpose

This policy document presents the standard operating procedures for a building that is due to open in a few months in the department of defence. It is intended to set the standards for the operation of the building that will be used by the security agency. The policy measures covered in this document are in line with the DoDM 5200.01-Volume 3, Enclosure 2, Paragraph 1 Control Measures. The building must be guided by standards that each of the 20 occupants must comply with to ensure smooth running of operations.

Responsibilities and authorities

There shall be an officer in charge of the building to ensure that all staff complies with the regulations as this is a very sensitive department dealing with the security of the nation.

all staff and contractors, including cleaners, shall be made aware of this procedure because they shall be required to strictly operate under it

there shall be a housekeeping department to ensure that the cleanliness of the building is guaranteed

There shall be officers at the gate of the building to safeguard it against unauthorised physical access.

contractors collect the waste at appropriate times set by the officer in charge of the building

Applicable Regulatory Statutes / Guidelines

The standards and procedures outlined in this policy document are in line with the the DoDM 5200.01-Volume 3, Enclosure 2, Paragraph 1 Control Measures. This regulation sets control measures in DoD components. It required DoD components to have control measures that ensures access to classified information limited to authorized persons only. These measures shall be appropriate to the environment in which access occurs and to the nature and volume of information. The system is designed to include technical, personnel and physical control measures. It also includes the administrative control measures including internal distribution records, inventory records, and records of access, reproduction and disposition. All these shall be required in case the physical, technical and personnel control measures are inadequate.

Physical Control Measures

These physical control measures are intended to enforce physical security measures in the building and ensure compliance to such physical security measures. The physical control measures shall be as follows.

Physical access to the building will be limited to the 20 security staffs and others working in the building such as housekeepers and records managers.

In case of visitation, one is required to make an appointment in advance and specify the purpose of the visit

Every visitor to the building must produce identification documents satisfactorily and sign the visitors book

The building shall be under a 24 hour CCTV surveillance

Every visitor must be subjected to security check at the gate

Personnel Control Measures

The staff shall operate under the standards stipulated in this policy.

At no point shall a staff be allowed to invite a friend without approval from the lead officer

The staff shall operate with high level of integrity and professionalism

Every staff has a duty to ensure that the surrounding environment is safe and secure. As such, garbage and wastes shall be disposed of at designated areas

The staff shall be discrete and maintain high standards of confidentiality

Every staff must act with high level of courtesy and conduct himself in a manner that brings honor to the DoD

Technical Control measures

There is infrastructure including hardware and software that shall be allocated to each staff. They shall be expected to handle the equipment carefully.

In case of any damage of the building or any of the equipment, the concerned staff shall notify the maintenance department to resolve the issue immediately.

No equipment shall be taken out of the building without approval by the relevant managers

Administrative Control Measures

The building will operate under the management of the chief security officer

Decision making will be subject to consensus or any other method suggested by the chief officer in charge

Conflict resolution shall be procedural and handled in a timely, effective and efficient manner.

There shall be clear line of duties and every staff shall be required to strictly adhere to his responsibilities

There shall be limited supervision and every staff must act with caution and restraint

There shall be a clear and distinct reporting lines and every staff shall be notified on his line manager

Punctuality and time management will be ensured at all times

Employees shall be expected to hold high moral and ethical standards while performing their duties and responsibilities.

Employee satisfaction will be a duty of the Human Resource department and will be of great importance.

Risk Assessment

Every employee shall be required to take care of the environment and ensure it is risk free. In case of any risk agent, the matter must be reported immediately to the line managers and assessed professionally and competently. There shall be fire extinguishers to assist in the event of fire break out.

Medical Considerations

The building is set close to a health center to ensure that staffs can get medical attention in case of ill health.

In case a staff falls sick, the line manager shall be notified; he shall proceed to the health facility and if need be, obtain a sick off sheet from a professional doctor, clearly showing the diagnosis and the number of days he shall stay off duty. Employee wellness and health shall be given the attention it deserves


The staffs handling weapons shall be careful not to inflict self injury or injury to civilians

The employees handling computer hardware must keep them logged off after use

No equipment shall be taken out of the building without approval by the relevant line managers


Employees will be expected to undergo regular trainings to advance and update their skills

There shall be an induction of new employees and it will be conducted by the Human Resource department to familiarize all employees with the building and the operation procedures

No new staff shall be expected to commence duty without induction

In case an officer wishes to pursue further studies, the Human resource department shall be duly informed.

All the personnel will be expected to read, understand and adhere to the standards set in this policy document. Any deviation shall lead to disciplinary measures as shall be specified by the line manager.

Having read the procedures, all staffs will declare as follows:

“I have read and understand this SOP. I agree to fully adhere to its requirements.”

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