The comparison on Gulliver’s Travels and Verrazzano’s Voyage

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The comparison on Gulliver’s Travels and Verrazzano’s Voyage

The analysis of Gulliver’s Travels is the examination of exploration of voyages by Lemuel Gulliver who was English surgeon in a ship. Lemuel Gulliver was enrooted to specific destinations but lpst the sea route ending up in unknown islands where he explored rare kind of populations with unknown animals with different behaviors and character. The surgeon is able to establish a route back to England and after a short while he sets out on a new exploration mission.

Lemuel Gulliver ends up in a land that was occupied by a Houyhnhnms population served by horses and ruled by Yahoos. Gulliver takes time to learn the native language narrating his voyages and interpreting the England constitution. Lemuel Gulliver is mandated to leave the Houyhnhnms due to a complication of his complexity that cannot allow him to stay in the land. As he sails out of the land, he is salvaged by the Portuguese and concludes the narrations on his voyages by claiming England as the rightful owner of the lands visited (Swift, Pg 211).

Giovanni da verrazzano was a Florentine navigator who existed in the 14th century in the city of Florence. Verrazzano’s life revolves around an American voyage and is accredited with unsuccessful exploration mission to France. The exploration was hampered by storms diverting the ship to the Brazilian coast. Verrazzano used to set out on expeditions together with his brother where the two sailors headed for Central America and managed to reach Florida. The two crossed the Caribbean coast where Verrazzano was assassinated. Verrazzano’s life is marked with a series of attempt on the Transatlantic voyages which were he commanded a ship worth 100 tones.

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